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What matters is that a snarling knock-down-drag-out is better when the delicate goodies are in play, and never more so than when superpowers are involved.

But before the festival of naughty bits, three quick ground rules: RULE #1: No adult comics.

Luckily for us, the naked fight scene between Rorschach and Doc Manhattan in Issue 12 is a keeper!

Sexual Assault is any involuntary sexual act whether by coercion or force, and any other non-consensual sexual touching or behaviour.

has been released to staggering box office figures proving the 15-certificate route could be the superhero genre's future.

In the US, the 20th Century Fox film, directed by James Mangold, looks set to record the biggest opening day for an R-rated film in March with estimates of million (£26m), toppling Zack Snyder's - which stars Hugh Jackman, Sir Patrick Stewart and child actor Dafne Keen - is currently on track to amass takings of .8 million (£64.9m) - the second best for the Wolverine franchise after 2009's X It most probably helps that this has been pitched as Jackman's final Wolverine film having played the role a grand total of nine times before.

The San Jose was the subject of a legal dispute between Colombia and Sea Search Armada, a U.

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It's currently tough to predict whether Logan will match that film's takings but a clearer sense will be gathered when the global box office figures roll in as the weekend draws to a close.

The ship named San Jose, thought by historians to be carrying one of the largest unsalvaged maritime treasures, sank in 1708 near the historical Caribbean port of Cartagena, and its wreckage was located in 2015."The discovery of this ship - one of the most important that navigated in our seas during colonial times - begins a new chapter in the cultural and scientific history, not only of Colombia, but of the entire world," Santos said on national television from Cartagena."Questions about navigation, world trade, about colonial costs, will be answered."The government will accept further offers to recover the ship and its treasure, Santos said.

A museum will be built to showcase artifacts found in the wreckage.

Santos did not disclose the investor behind the first proposal or its terms.

Sonar images have so far revealed bronze cannons made specifically for the ship, arms, ceramics and other artifacts.