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Lori Fradkin: Laurie Simmons was great in that role.

I have been excited about her appearance since that piece last year. Margaret: But not so much a caricature that it was unbelievable. "I'm not sure that I see you in the art world." Harsh.

'Consent' means both people want to have sex and nobody is forced or pressured into it.

Lots of young people write to me with questions about having sex.

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Lori L.: Why do you think she NEEDED someone to be harsh with her?

The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser.

Margaret Wheeler Johnson: I just want to say that I love Hannah exercising by herself with her laptop while Elijah and George are fighting and how we overhear the instructor saying, "Don't worry about messing up." Also that Hannah is wearing approximately the same thing as the instructor. Lori Leibovich: We also have to acknowledge Hannah's orange jumpsuit when she's in bed with Elijah, and him calling her "sad little glowworm." Emma: I loved that orange sleeping-bag jumpsuit. Especially because they were watching Adam's "murdery" music video.

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