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However, when a scene of forced oral sex is followed with a slow pan of a vertically-standing fast food straw, it becomes apparent that the style in which the story is executed is quite possibly more off-putting than the story itself.Much has been made of the truthfully-disgusting response of “I wouldn’t have behaved like that” that audiences and critics alike have been voicing in regards to Compliance’s characters’ actions.“I don’t care because I want to be with you,” he adds as Zelda shows up in her silver dress. Stephie gives them four months, Stu thinks they’ll get married and we’ll just have to wonder in frustration. My manager recommended that I “try acting” and set me up with an agent. I’d love to put out a challenge to writers and those executives in charge: Give these amazing actresses a worthy series so we can bask in their glory every week.Emily Blunt After Blunt’s grand (and wildly different) performances in Edge of Tomorrow and Into the Woods, we know it’s high time the actress was invited into our living rooms on a weekly basis. I grew up in a very artistic and supportive family in Tampa, Florida. I'm convinced tequila does something awesome to my chords.

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What if the film had presented us with a manager who we didn’t know to make errors in judgment?

(Going toe to toe with Timothy Olyphant and Walt Goggins is no small feat.) It’s been a treat to watch the actress bring Ava’s strength to the forefront — from Justified’s final season promos, it looks like Ava is in the power position — and Carter’s more than proven she can run circles around the boys.

Erica Tazel With her first major television role (read Joanna’s excellent interview), Tazel has proven herself another Justified scene stealer.

To make ends meet, (my family was not able to support me financially) I began working as a waitress at several hilariously themed restaurants only to get fired over and over again because of sheer lack of coordination and the self proclaimed title of “the worst waitress in the world.” Eventually, after a lot of hard work and a realization that acting was truly “my thing,” I began working consistently enough as an actress to stop spilling drinks on people in the Lower East Side. Meanwhile, it's been almost 6 years since I moved here and I've had the privilege of working with Clint Eastwood, Ricky Gervais, Matthew Perry and many other wonderful people.

Six months ago my Mom passed away suddenly and I try to live every day letting her love and sense of humor be projected through me.