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While some of the past contestants from the franchise have gone the expected route — writing about their personal experiences on the show — others penned books from surprising genres.There's something for everyone here, from a historical novel to children's fiction to a poetic memoir (spoiler alert: it's by Chris and Des).Is it possible that TV isn't the best place to look for love?We decided to take a look back -- at both Season 1: Alex Michel chose Amanda Marsh over Trista Rehn.Outcome: Despite giving her a promise ring, Bob ended his relationship with Estella weeks after the finale aired.

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Base notes leave a cover of woody accords of sandalwood, cedar, olive wood and sensual musk.Check out these books by former bachelors and bachelorettes — you're sure to glean some relationship dos and don'ts from those who survived the dating show.Desiree Hartsock was wooed by now-fiancé Chris Siegfried's heartfelt poetry, so it's no surprise they collaborated to produce a book of poetry.Aaron is married to Angye Mc Intosh, whom he met through an ex-flame, and Helene went on to pen the book Season 3: Andrew Firestone popped the question to Jen Schefft.Outcome: The two were engaged for a bit, but soon broke up.