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The Hill of Tara plays a key role in the 11th/12th century CE work considered today a mythical construct of Ireland's early history by Christian scribes, who attempted to link Ireland's past with biblical narratives and Greek and Roman history.

He writes frankly about racial myths that reinforce cynical dating attitudes among black men and women, and explains in detail how they can be neutralized.It’s definitely a conversation starter and perfect for a book club. I took on this project because I respect the author and find the book to speak to a broad audience, in a helpful, healthy and uplifting way. I’m offerring 4 copies of the book to a random commenter who answers the question “What do you think the most common, biggest dating mistake you (or your single friends) make/made on a first date? Although the work is regarded as folklore and myth today, it was understood as history by its original audience and for centuries afterward., the Milesian poet and judge, Amergin, was given the task of deciding which race would hold what land.Hill's work presents a light, insightful, and accessible user's manual for African American men and women to better understand that which keeps us apart (and hopefully what can bring us closer together).