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It is intended to help prevent the distribution and use of unauthorized versions of Windows.

I first noticed these issues while using the validation plugin with j Query 1.6.4, but they still seem to happen with 1.7.1 as well.

I know this post is 2 years old but I found it via google so maybe someone else will.

The problem mentioned by fozylet has been fixed in j Query Validation plugin version 1.9.0 name attribute is not required for it to work anymore.(WGA) is part of Microsoft's Genuine Software Initiative.

And a switch from name to id attributes is not going to happen.

I too have experienced the trouble of validating several forms in ASP. For example, when the login popup is showing above the registration field.

Click on the box ‘Do not restart now’ and then select the ‘Finish’ button.8.

To quote "j Query 2.x has the same API as j Query 1.x, but does not support Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8." I had the same problem on Sage CRM using jqueryui autocomplete getting error "script3: member not found.

If you still looking for ways on how to install Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) or Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) without validation or no validation on Windows XP that has been validated as non-genuine by Microsoft, the easiest method to crack Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) and bypass and skip WGA validation without actually validating the Windows OS is by using a registry hack to make Windows XP activated and genuine.

If you put a break point in this code block, you will see that it always returns true, even if there is no attribute.

"I guess Microsoft's not so happy with the numbers." There are conflicting statistics available on the popularity of the major Web browsers.