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The co-founders of Inovy Tec, a maker of portable emergency medical devices, both previously worked for the Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic security agency, but didn’t know each other.

Then, as a perk, they were both sent to take entrepreneurship courses at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

In 1975, Bob Doyle who was then working as a research fellow in Harvard's Department of Visual and Environmental Studies, founded the Harvard-Radcliffe Film Workshop (HRFW), which offered filmmaking instruction and film screenings in the Morse Music Library in the basement of Pforzheimer House, which was then known as North House.

Until 1996, HRTV's shows were edited using Desktop Video Group equipment.

Participant Media, Paramount and Samuel Goldwyn Films will distribute CNN Films’ “Ivory Tower,” which premiered at Sundance. Following the theatrical window, “Ivory Tower” will be distributed across home entertainment platforms through Paramount Home Media Distribution.

These beginnings were part of a broad movement of human curiosity in the West that led to the organisation of various disciplines along the lines of the rational natural sciences – but they also revealed a reaction against a tendency to reduce everything to laws like those of physical or chemical processes.The transformation included a new website and a short promotional video featuring Harvard professor and prominent psychologist Steven Pinker smashing a television and telling viewers to "get with the times" by watching television online.In order to overcome the poverty of reason, academics must reach out to the masses rather than insulating themselves in ivory towers. Credit: alfarman/Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0 It can hardly escape the notice of a casual observer that while there have been major twists and turns during the growth of the discipline of sociology, today it is facing an unprecedented challenge from both the inside and the outside – challenges that cannot be wished away.Eminent physicist Stephen Hawking has publicly expressed his despair over the failure of humanity to control the explosive consequences of a poverty of reason – such as imminent climate change, galloping economic inequality and the threat of starvation and famine stalking millions of human beings all over the world. Business Plus, 2014 Book Site | Muiltimedia Project | Reviews | Where to Buy While playing hooky from a conference in Boston a few years back, three former colleagues from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management hopped in a car and headed on a road trip.