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Today’s personal reflection features Dynamic Catholic team member Dominick Albano.

Dominick is our RCIA team leader and comes to us from Rockford, Illinois.

Dominick met Pope Benedict XVI on his honeymoon, was a stay-at-home dad for five years, and once scored eight goals in a pee-wee hockey game. All viewpoints are welcome, but we ask that you remain on-topic and respect other members of the discussion.

Please remember that we are trying to help each other become the-best-version-of-ourselves.

"I am more of a risk-taker and I don't really think things through that well, but he definitely had a hard time and even told me in the beginning that he didn't really want to date because he was afraid he would ruin the friendship."The proposal Two years later, things were stronger than ever for the couple, and he took her somewhere special to propose on Nov. The bride's great-grandmother, Evelyn Byrd Duncan, was one of the founding members of the Monteagle community, where her family built a cottage."It has been passed down from generation to generation, from my great-grandmother to my grandmother," Raines says of the cottage.

"We have this place called 'the point' that overlooks all of Tennessee, and he took me up there.

On December 2, 2009, Breakthrough was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

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Paul approaches them and says there is someone suspicious inside the store.In this episode, Chloe attempts to help a guy she meets who has a secret of his own, while Amy wants to find a way to help Chloe and Brian.Inside the clothing store, a seemingly homeless guy stares at a few watches.Colbie Marie Caillat (pronounced /ˈkoʊlbi kəˈleɪ/ (listen); born May 28, 1985) is an American pop singer-songwriter and guitarist from Malibu, California.She debuted in 2007 with Coco, which included hit singles "Bubbly", "Realize", and "The Little Things".