Radgrid not updating after delete

Scott Mitchell April 2007 Summary: This is the Visual C# tutorial.

(Switch to the Visual Basic tutorial.) In the interfaces we've created so far, a user can accidentally delete data by clicking the Delete button when they meant to click the Edit button.

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The deleting interfaces we've examined thus far have been composed of a Delete button that, when clicked, causes a postback and invokes the Object Data Source's Delete() method.The Delete() method then invokes the configured method from the Business Logic Layer, which propagates the call down to the Data Access Layer, issuing the actual DELETE statement to the database.While this user interface enables visitors to delete records through the Grid View, Details View, or Form View control, it lacks any sort of confirmation when the user clicks the Delete button.First, create a web-application using Visual-Studio 2005 or later.(Note: For visual-studio 2005, we’ll have to make this web-application ajax enabled by selecting “Asp . Do note that in case of visual studio 2008, it has an in-built support for ajax, so there is no need to specify anything extra.) Now, in Design-Mode, Add “Timer” and “Update-Panel” controls from “Ajax Extensions” tab of Toolbox. Add the Grid View control inside the Update-Panel Control.