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One of the worst mistakes is when a homeowner installs an 80’s kitchen (for example) in a turn-of-the-century character home.Especially those white melamine cabinets with the strip of oak on the bottom of each door. White kitchen cabinets offer the most timeless look and the one you’d least tire of over the years.

You probably remember them best from the 1980s, but neon brights are making their way back into home interiors.The Cabinet Transformations product is a kit sold in home improvement stores (it’s definitely at Lowe’s and Home Depot).It’s a water-based, multi-purpose product for use on wood, laminate, melamine and metal.The trick with these brilliant tones is to use enough to make an impact, yet not so much that they overwhelm your space.Painting just a small segment of kitchen cabinetry — perhaps a wine cubby, the frame of an open shelf or a bank of upper cabinets like this one — strikes an ideal balance.

Updating almond melamine cabinets