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I don't think we'll be cooking against each other again.

She rails against most things; shopping in particular, but eating out, money, saving on energy bills, breaking up with your partner and wardrobe makeovers aren't spared either.Penny Lancaster, who is married to Rod Stewart, cried when she revealed she was attacked on a subway as a schoolgirl. Being tall and strong I managed to fight this man off who pulled my skirt off and wrestled with me.‘I had a very unfortunate incident,’ she told the panel. ‘There are a lot of evil men who prey on people and it has nothing to do with what they wear.Age, in my view, is all in your mind and to be honest, apart from seeing my face first thing in the morning (let's face it, you can't defy gravity!) nothing about me feels 70." With her glossy red hair and flatteringly youthful outfit - jeans and a loose top - her looks do indeed belie her years, but her focus is on being "grateful I've survived seven-action packed decades with a few wrinkles, but absolutely no regrets", as well as her mission to show people how they too can stay young at heart and in mind.