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To further put into perspective, it would appear Luc Besson took several cues from this French romance to intersperse throughout Leon.

Opening with a wide-ended shot of our fugitive, Federico, holding a young girls corpse, L'immoralita begins without a hitch in slowly establishing our character, anti-hero, if you will.

It certainly seems to help reviewers pad their writings of "cult rarities" by dubbing any European film sleaze, no matter the content within.

By pushing the bounds of propriety and/or expressing something considered "obscene" or vile, these daring directors are thrown to the sharks along with what is perceived as a snub to good taste. Featuring a scene of sexual activity between an 11 year old girl and a child-killer, L'immoralita has been crucified due to this and labeled as an example in sleaze, which it is not.

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